Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Pink Saturday Post

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That's windblown me. . .and feeling a little dejected as you will note from the sour expression on my face. See the warm snugly pink jacket I'm wearing? Two days into my recent Cancun holiday I had to rush out to a shop for something warm to wear. The weather remained cold and windy all week leaving a slim choice of activities: eat, mall walk, and eat some more.

Towel Art. . .I think it's a butterfly. Mexican hotel staff love to impress the guests with their creations.

Guess what the woman carrying this purse said to the purse snatcher. . ."Leaf my handbag alone!"
It's actually made from dried leaves attached to an oval box. That's a tree branch handle. . . A conversation piece. . .And not too difficult to make.

See. . .it's not too early to start forcing flowering bulbs. . . This pink Hyacinth bulb was started in November. . . and just came into bloom. Doesn't it make you think of spring?. . . another easy-to-do indoor gardening project.
And, speaking of gardening. . .please check out the Books (something New I've added to the blog). Many of the latest books shown on this site are not in the stores yet, but are available here. Others on offer are gently used and can be had for a couple of dollars through Amazon. For more details on a book shown, simply click on it.

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